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Meeting at Eagle Drive Baptist Church in Decatur, Texas
Tabernacle Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas 

Some Spring 2015 Classes From Archives

The Texas Baptist Bible College Spring Semester 2015 Is In Full Swing! 
Welcome New Student:  Donald Blake in Connecticut.



In an effort to maintain a proper level of security on the TXBBCOnline website, we have password protected the individual class home pages.  The password you were issued upon enrolling in your class will give you access to your class home page as well as the individual class videos.

All Students Please Note The Following:

We will not be live streaming some classes for this semester.  Please be sure to download the course information located on the home page of each course, which will also include the course requirements, textbooks and other pertinent information.  You will be assigned a unique password to view the videos for each course.  Please do not share this password with anyone.