Texas Baptist Bible College

P.O. Box 16567
Fort Worth, Texas 76123-0567

Texas Baptist Bible College was incorporated as a Bible college on April 28, 1975. The name was officially changed on May 28, 1992. The school has been consistently operating since then. There have been many students and graduates of TBBC. Many are now working in various ministry positions throughout the United States and on various mission fields.

The Bedford Baptist Temple and Pastor Nathan Finch have for many years backed and supported the college. They are still allowing us to use their facilities for classes. Dr. Lloyd Wilson worked tirelessly for many years developing curriculum and teaching classes as he lead the college as well. Also, Dr. Weldon Adams has contributed to the development of curriculum for several courses.

The future looks bright for TBBC. The Supreme Court of the State of Texas has just recently ruled that the State cannot prohibit ministerial schools, Bible colleges and seminaries from offering degrees. For many years the state restricted us from doing so but the Supreme Court ruled that such policies violate the constitutions of both the State of Texas and the United States of America. This was a major victory for Bible based schools such as ours.

The State of Texas had passed laws restricting us because they were trying to protect our citizens from diploma mills. We share their concerns for this problem. At TBBC strict academic rules and requirements will be upheld at all times. After all we are striving to train God’s servants. That demands of us the highest credentials. It is our desire to do all we do as unto the Lord. It is our goal to magnify our office. To do less would be to diminish our office and our calling. Our judge has always been the Lord Jesus Christ. We will strive to train workmen who need not to be ashamed. Thereby our future looks very bright.

- David Isbell, President